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Recovery Made: COMA from car accident

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In the news PART 3 – 17 year old girl recover from coma

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In the news PART 1 – 17 year old girl recover from coma

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In the news PART 2 – 17 year old girl recover from coma

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At three or four years of age, Victoria was having difficulty concentrating. With 36 documented ear infections, it was not surprising that her pre-school teachers were reporting that she was also having difficulty keeping up with routine class activities. When she later attended a private kindergarten school, different doctors assessed her condition and placed her on a prescription of Ritalin and Adderol. Despite crossed fingers and many prayers, improvement did not follow. Soon after, Victoria began speech therapy. This too was found to have little favorable effect.

When Victoria turned eight, she enrolled in a biofeedback program that also had little results. In school, she was enrolled in remedial classes, special education, and auditory training. Victoria continued to struggle in math and other subjects – especially in a classroom setting. She was having trouble making friends and began to withdraw even more. At age nine, Victoria was diagnosed as having Central Auditory Processing disorder and was returned to Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi where she underwent a combination of speech therapy, sequencing and word meaning training. Unfortunately, Victoria began to withdraw even more – choosing to read while listening to music on headphones.

Victoria’s story only took a turn for the better when Victoria’s Mom attended a conference in Cancun, Mexico. There, she met guest presenter Dr. Zayd Ratansi, Chief Medical Officer for HOC Health Centers – an alternative medical facility with locations in Coquitlam, and Victoria, British Columbia. Dr. Ratansi touched a nerve with Victoria’s Mom when he discussed symptoms that matched those that Victoria had encountered. As a result, Victoria and her parents arranged to visit the Coquitlam, B.C. HOC Health Care Center in September 2002. Dr. Ratansi arranged for Victoria to meet with HOC’s Dr. Lucien Larre, a neuropsychologist who specializes in helping children with learning disabilities. Victoria’s Dad remembers that first meeting very well . . .

“It was incredible. After just two days, and a battery of tests, he diagnosed her to a “T” concluding that she was physically sound but had many other problems. He concluded that emotionally and socially, Victoria was far behind her peers due, he said, to the fact that she was right brained rather than left brained like most people. I knew then and there that Dr. Larre was a genius because he seemed to know our little girl and her condition so well that he was able to initiate a remedial program that has since made huge differences”.

Victoria remained with Dr Ratansi in Coquitlam for HOC treatments long enough to take 36 Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments (HBOT). After 18 treatments, Victoria was starting to participate in conversations as well as take an interest in the world around her.

“The difference was extremely noticeable” said Victoria’s Dad “and it was wonderful to see the almost daily improvement”.

Victoria’s HOC Health Center treatments also included infrared therapy, and, after testing high for heavy metal toxins in her system, a program of science based supplements and Chelation Therapy was adopted. In addition, Victoria received two hours of Tomatis Auditory Training therapy for 15 consecutive days.

When she returned home, friends and relatives were quick to see the difference. A once withdrawn little girl was now an active and vibrant individual who was loving and responsive. School homework was now comfortably routine. Conversation was routine. Being a part of a changing world was routine. Equally important, Victoria was beginning to come in tune with the world around her – her friends, her family, and her role in a busy life. The change was dramatic.

6-weeks later Victoria returned with her father from her Corpis Christi home in Texas to see Dr. Ratansi at the HOC Health Center in Coquitlam for another round of treatments to maintain the momentum.

“You go along year after year hoping that a medical practitioner will be able to help and when you finally meet that special someone, it truly is a prayer answered”, said Frank Rodriguez. “We have our little girl back again”.

As leaders in science-based natural medicine, Dr. Ratansi continues to revolutionize healthcare. Through Health Centers, Health Products and Health On Call, patients are empowered to make informed choices about their own medical care and treatment. Dr. Ratansi’s mission is to help guide patients to healthier living – one step at a time. This is achieved by providing access to knowledge, unique therapies and products that have proven to be safe, scientific and effective. Dr. Ratansi is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


This is the remarkable story of Mark Farley, whose severe Huntington’s Disease symptoms have been dramatically reduced since June 2002 when he began treatment with Dr. Zayd Ratansi at the HOC Health Centre in Coquitlam.

After Mark was first diagnosed with Huntington’s disease in 1997, he worked closely with doctors in Arkansas whose treatment included participation in a clinical research drug trial program. Results were not satisfactory. Doctors advised Mark that his hereditary condition was likely to worsen with time and that treatment of this disease was difficult. At this point in time, Mark’s worsening symptoms meant that he had difficulty walking, was unable to speak with clarity and had decreased strength for normal daily activities.

Mark was introduced to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, a treatment that enhances tissue levels with life giving oxygen. Each Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment was costing $400 US and Mark required an initial treatment program of forty treatments in the first month with an additional 160 treatments to follow – a serious challenge to Mark’s financial capability.

In search of better answers, Mark and his wife Sandee traveled to Cancun in May of 2002 to attend a presentation on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. There they met a guest presenter, Dr. Zayd Ratansi ND and licensed Hyperbaric Physician. As Medical Director of HOC Health Centers, (With offices in the United States and Canada – Seattle, Coquitlam, Victoria) Dr. Ratansi invited Mark and his wife to visit him at the Coquitlam Health Center where a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber was available – along with a complete range of other treatments Dr. Ratansi thought would be beneficial. On June 17th, 2002 Mark began treatment. Improvement was almost immediate.

Mark’s wife tells it best. . . “We were at the point where we thought we’d heard it all before – we’d followed dead end paths and encountered so many disappointments. Dr. Ratansi, however, said things that made sense to us. He talked about a pro-active health treatment program involving a combination of safe; science based natural medical advancements combined with a custom prepared combination of therapies and treatments. Mark and I talked about it and ended up saying to ourselves -“What have we got to lose? – Dr. Ratansi seems to know what he is talking about. What we didn’t know was that in a very short time, Dr. Ratansi would reverse all of our skepticism. For the first time after treatment began, Mark experienced dramatic and lasting results. It was truly exciting to watch him improve so quickly”.

By September 2002, having received forty Hyperbaric treatments over 30 days and a variety of other treatments prescribed by Dr. Ratansi, Mark had regained his ability to walk with little or no assistance as well as his ability to talk and communicate with ease. “I continue to feel myself coming back,” said Mark, whose speech skills reveal a remarkable sense of humor.

The combination of treatments received by Mark at HOC included Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at a cost of around $100 Canadian/$65.00 US per visit compared to the $400 US cost Mark faced in Arkansas. This safe and painless oxygen enhancement program has each patient enter a multi place chamber where, under increased atmospheric pressure, patients breathe 100% oxygen through a clear plastic hood. A trained HOC attendant, inside the chamber, monitors patients at all times. Long-term therapeutic benefits include enhanced growth of new blood vessels, an increased ability of white blood cells to destroy bacteria and remove toxins, and increased growth of fibroblasts – cells involved in wound healing. Benefits also include enhanced metabolic activity of previously marginally functioning cells including brain neurons.

In October and November 2002 Mark and wife again made the long drive from Arkansas to the Coquitlam HOC Health Center for continued treatments. Now, however, they have rented an apartment not far from the HOC Health Center. They also returned with Mark’s brother Scott whose Huntington’s Disease is five years more advanced. Scott reports that his HOC treatments have now begun and that they have already reduced his symptoms.

Mark tells us, “In addition to the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, I have been introduced to an equally beneficial Chelation Therapy that reverses and slows the progression of atherosclerosis and age-related diseases. This treatment, in conjunction with lifestyle and dietary changes and specialized nutritional supplements seems to be just what the doctor ordered. My strength is returning. I am thinking better and I am able to express myself, once again, the way I want to. Sandee has been terrific in helping me to work with the good folks here at HOC and all in all, I am very excited at some of the equally positive things my brother may have in store for him now that he too is undergoing treatment. This place really has changed my life. I’m real happy!”


She arrived from Victoria at the HOC Health Center in Coquitlam September 18th, 2002 in a wheelchair, a list of 11 medications she was taking regularly and a poor prognosis for her lifelong back pain and heart condition. Her name is Donna Armstrong and to look at her today, it is hard to believe her condition was as bleak as it once was.

HOC staff Doctor Tasreen Alibhai remembers the seeing the pale face of Donna Armstrong when they first met. “She arrived in considerable pain, had trouble concentrating and was very weak. It was easy to believe that this lady had been through a lot. Donna described how she was unable to walk any distance since her legs had become unreliable and were prone to giving out without warning. We began treatment with a battery of tests that included Kidney Function Testing as well as a test for the presence of heavy metals. Results were not surprising. The patient’s kidneys were functioning poorly and tested high for built up mercury and cadmium toxins. I also referred Donna to Dr. Ding, a Chinese Acupuncture Specialist at HOC with an extensive background in this unique medical philosophy. Dr. Ding quickly determined that Donna had little or no circulation in her spine. At her first visit with Dr. Ding, Donna actually cried out in pain when her back was simply touched”.

By mid November, Donna’s overall health had improved dramatically. She was arriving for treatment at the HOC Health Centre without the aid of a wheelchair or walking cane; she had improved her level of concentration; and was no longer suffering from back pain associated with arthritis of the spine and degenerative disks. Tests also confirmed that her overall health condition was improving.

Donna’s recovering followed a variety of HOC Health Centre treatments. Under the supervision of Dr. Zayd Ratansi, Chief Medical Director at HOC, Dr. Alibhai immediately started Donna on weekly Chelation therapy. Chelation treatment served to reduce the toxic levels, which helped Donna to reduce her 11 medications to just 3. (Reducing the number of medication immediately alleviated the conflicting nature of utilizing a high number of medications). Donna also received acupuncture treatment to improve the level of circulation in her back (which was quickly evidenced by having a back that was routinely warm rather than being routinely cold) Warm Peat Pack treatments further improved lower back pain. A series of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments is credited with improving Donna’s memory and concentration. Subsequent Kidney tests confirmed steady improvement of Donna’s overall basic health.

To look at Donna today, it is hard to believe she is the same person. Since September 18th, 2002 – Donna’s close friends have been quick to notice the difference citing everything from a return of alertness to a reclaimed sense of humor and most important of all, a return to a more active lifestyle – including the occasional shopping excursion. Gone too is the fear that Donna once held – the fact that her medical condition must require her to give up her independent live-alone Victoria lifestyle.

“I’ve just had two weeks without pain and frankly, I can’t remember having so many painless days ever!”, Donna said at a recent HOC treatment. “It has been a turnaround I can only wish more people like me are able to discover. Everyone here at the Health Centre has been so helpful.”


Picture a lifelong jogger who, 10 years before retirement, had always been the picture of good health. This was when Michael Barber first started to experience the effects of an irregular heartbeat. (Arrhythmia) It was the mid 70’s when fifty five year old Michael was first hospitalized and prescribed a battery of medications.

At first, results were good enough to allow him to retire from his Regina based Federal Government job to quiet Pender Island on the beautiful British Columbia coast. Five years later, symptoms of Eritrea began to return. All too soon the painfully familiar chest pains began to again be part of Michaels life. Several cardiologists later, Michael accepted medical advice and began to stop exercising. An Angiogram had discovered four blockages including one that was particularly threatening. Bypass surgery was declined due to medications. With only two overworked doctors on Pender Island, Michael moved to Vancouver where he had family and access to a well-respected cardiologist. After considerable consultation, he was poised to accept a pacemaker but elected instead, to remain on medications. It was about this time Michael’s daughter in law, a registered UBC nurse, suggested a visit with UBC based Dr. Stewart who introduced Michael to the wonders of Chelation Therapy.

After three treatments a week over four weeks, Michael started to feel better. 40 treatments later, he was feeling like his old self again, healthy enough to move with his artist wife to San Miguele, Mexico. Over the next four years, he continued Chelation Therapy treatments. While the results were good, treatment costs soon motivated a return to Vancouver where he looked up his original caregiver, Dr. Stewart at the UBC Hospital. A “good news” Angiogram confirmed that Michaels heart had actually developed collaterals. (Channels of blood flow around the original blockage). Michael was elated. Then he heard about Dr. Ratansi at the HOC Health Center in Coquitlam where Chelation Treatment was being offered as part of a complete science-based patient care program, at considerably less cost. Today Michael continues to benefit from Chelation Treatment from the HOC Health Care Center in Coquitlam. The result is a dramatic difference to his lifestyle and overall good health. Today, Michael leads an active lifestyle while following a program of sensible health care prescribed by caregivers at HOC.